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Dear Educator,


Welcome to Piano Carnival, an interactive experience with music, literature, art, and multimedia! We hope that you will enjoy Piano Carnival as much as we enjoyed making it!


Music touches our lives in so many ways. It inspires us, accompanies our lives and thoughts, brings us to tears, and energizes our spirits. Help us bring music to the education front.


We hope you find great use for these suggested lessons. Mix and match them for your classroom timing needs. Choose activities that will best suit your learners. Use them as a jumping-off point, and feel free to add your own creative edge to them. We are eager to hear how you use Piano Carnival in the classroom. Our goal is to help you meet the needs of your classrooms and your students through Piano Carnival. We welcome your comments and suggestions to help us make Piano Carnival an even better resource for you.


Sincerely, Sonya Schumann and the Piano Carnival team

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