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In 2011, Piano Theatre began a collaboration to create a concert tour integrating literature, music, art, and multimedia for children. This project presents piano pieces, theatre, and artwork inspired by animals, with integrated live video projections and artwork to promote arts education.


Sonya and Elizabeth Schumann have performed Pianimal in Australia, the United States and Canada. In early 2014, Piano Theatre will release a Pianimal concert video free for download online, bringing us closer to our goal of giving children everywhere access to fun, attractive music and integrated arts.

Pianimal includes the music of Dvořák, Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakov, Debussy, Scriabin, Dutilleux, Mussorgsky, and Saint-Saëns.

Artwork: Eden BachelderNatalie Hall, and Angèle Gougeon
Animation: Shaun Seong-young Kim
Poetry: Christopher Steger
Transcriptions: Elizabeth Schumann
Documentary video: Maureen Anway


Please enjoy a sample of our upcoming documentary video!

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